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VANI Heat & Vibration Hand Massager


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With the Ergonomic design, VANI Hand Massager conforms to acupuncture hand points and curves, providing powerful vibration and heat to massage your wrist, hand, fingers, and palm, which could improve muscle flexibility and promote blood circulation.

VANI Hand Massager is perfect for people who use computers for a long time and have poor palm blood circulation, as well as women who want to maintain hand beauty.


  • Personalized Selection: 2 Vibration Modes & 6 Intensity Levels
  • Stimulate Hand Acupuncture Points
  • SoothingHeat Therapy & Air Compression & Vibration Massage
  • 360-degrees Compressive and Full Massage
  • 15 min Working Time; Auto Stop
  • Enough Inner Space; Fits Most People's Hands; Suitable for All Family Members
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery


  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Help Relax; Relieve Stress; Stimulate muscles; Reduce tension; Relieve Pain
  • Increase Flexibility in Wrists and Fingers; Increase HandStrength
  • Good Night’s Sleep
  • Suitable for Various Groups
  • Easy Placement in Any Room or Office
  • Great Gift


  • Take off all your jewelry before using it.
  • It is normal to feel pressure during use because of the stimulation of the hand acupuncture Points. Please stop using it if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not use it when charging.