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About ABO e-Commerce


Established on Jan. 18, 2021, ABO E-COMMERCE CO., LTD. is mainly engaged in the cross-border import and export business including 3C accessories (PkPower, etc.), audio products, home storage, office furniture, outdoor sporting goods and accessories, golf sporting goods and accessories, auto accessories, garden and lawn. Thanks to the years of industry experience and business development of the parent company, Shenzhen April Business Development Co, Ltd., we will bring our advanced philosophy to Canada, uphold the best, fastest and most affordable shopping philosophy and provide our customers with excellent services. ABO E-COMMERCE CO., LTD. will team up with overseas and domestic brand owners or large traders directly, while ensuring the advantageous prices when purchasing goods. Different from other cross-border e-commerce export companies, ABO E-COMMERCE CO., LTD. enjoys the technical and resource support of its domestic parent company, and the new generation of cross-border e-commerce export will exist in the mobile form, so that you can search the products you desire wherever you are.

ABO E-COMMERCE CO., LTD. will also learn through practice the differences between the two countries on cross-border e-commerce export, and continue to improve the quality of products and services. With the in-depth development of electronic information technology and economic globalization, cross-border e-commerce export has become a vital way for enterprises to expand overseas markets. Not only does cross-border e-commerce export help maintain the stability of local import and export trade, but it promotes the upgrading of national foreign trade transformation.